The company also has its own in-house system for constant, precision checks across the entire production cycle, from acquisition of waste and mother alloys, where suppliers are chosen with special care.

Raw materials are then subjected to ongoing control and selected for various uses, each load attributed with a formula that optimizes the product's analytical composition.
There are also production line checks with samples taken from the molten bath for analysis and subsequent correction before the pour.
Final analysis of poured ingots guarantees composition before they are stored.

Product quality is nevertheless governed by other factors which include: hardness testing, verification of refining and polish of sample slices of the ingots to identify any impurities and inclusions such as hard spots and high melting point clusters.
Available laboratory equipment includes:

  • Analysis using X-ray fluorescence spectrometer;
  • Refining control using a state-of-the-art "AXIOSKOP CARL ZEISS" microscope;
  • Hardness control using a "330RS DIGITRONIC" durometer, with HRC ball indenter.
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